Al Fareeda Recruitment and Medical Cadre Supply, in partnership with RTCMC, is a licensed and registered recruitment company in the UAE. We specialize in the selection and recruitment of high quality professionals for our clients’ needs. We serve all industries in the UAE and across the GCC and provide all sorts of candidates for various positions.

We provide services to both employers and jobseekers by creating a connections between them. Our friendly and accountable Recruitment Consultants are equipped with vast experience in their industries. They are trained to work with clients to ensure that qualified candidates are matched to their requirements.

About Us

Our experience, operational excellence and innovative technologies have delivered recruitment process
improvement and put Al Fareeda / RTCMC in the recruitment business among prestigious clients
all over the GCC and globally.

Clients who signed with Al Fareeda Recruitment Services as a partner have been provided
top quality service and satisfaction.

Our main focus:
1. Permanent Staffing (Executive Management/Junior Positions)

2. Outsourcing (Admin, Contractors, Consultants,
Project Managers, Engineers, Integrators, etc.)
for short term and long term Projects)

We aim to serve our clients with top quality service by using innovative solutions. Our management has international experience and having been established in the region for many years, we understand fully our clients’ requirements.

Employer Services

Extensive and Up-to-Date Premium Licensed Database

Al Fareeda is subscribed to multiple premium jobseeker databases that is home to hundreds of thousands
of jobseekers who are actively seeking for the right opportunity. Access to these databases allow us
to interact with jobseekers and enable us to provide filtered candidates to our clients at the
shortest possible time.


Candidates are put through a process of qualitative review to identify only qualified
candidates matching our clients’ requirements. We conduct professional background checks
on every candidate.


Through the technical expertise of our Recruitment Consultants,
candidates are further assessed based on the qualifications and
unique preferences of our clients. We provide sufficient candidates per vacancy to give our valued clients options allowing them to select only the best candidate.


We facilitate and assist our clients to prepare the candidate’s joining date at the earliest possible date with accordance to the clients request.

Job Seeker Services

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Alfareeda helps passive and active jobseekers find better jobs.

Get connected to more than 80,000 clients.

Apply to jobs in just one click.

Apply to thousands of jobs posted daily.

Get relevant jobs on your mobile, and online.

Create multiple job alerts to target the kind of jobs you want.

How it works?

Step 1. Fill out the online form.

Fill out the online form. Make sure that important information such as
your name, email address and mobile number are correctly indicated
in the form.

Step 2. CV Distribution.

Upon receiving your online CV and confirmation, we distribute your
profile to over 80,000 companies in our database.

Step 3. Wait to be hired!

Make sure that you regularly check your email and that your mobile
phone is switched on all the time. Employers will be calling you!

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